Alcohol Addiction Help By Ed Philips

Published: 17th September 2009
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On a sober day many alcoholics believe that they would be able to give up alcohol without alcohol addiction help, unfortunately when it comes to actually quitting many never succeed. The idea of drinking only during social occasions is a very appealing one however rarely will an alcoholic be able to only drink during social situations. For most alcoholics alcohol is still in control of their thought process and any idea of actually quitting rarely comes to fruition.

Deciding to drink socially might work if the individual has a support network through a rehabilitation service or other alcohol addiction help centers. Unfortunately the reality is that Alcoholism is an addictive disease however it is a disease that can be cured through self determination and will power.

Most alcoholics will agree that the idea of only having the odd drink is nearly impossible.

For a recovering alcoholic the idea of even having an odd drink is enough to make them break out into a sweat. People who have been dry for years can easily fall off the wagon after taking a simple drink; and getting back on to the wagon is more difficult the second time around.

A female friend of mine, who is an alcoholic, managed to get alcohol addiction help once she found out she was pregnant. Everyone was impressed with her will power and she had a beautiful and healthy son. Unfortunately her husband brought out a bottle of champagne to celebrate the special occasion and the one glass was enough to take her back to dependency on alcohol.

While there are thousands of stories out there they all have the same beginning and the same sad ending. Deciding to quit drinking is a difficult decision to make and the decision to stay sober is an ongoing one that requires loads of will power and support.

The stop drinking advice blog is a great place to find others who have gone though what you are and can give advice as well as alcohol addiction help to get you through this difficult time in your life.

Get Tried and Tested Alcohol Addiction Help Written by Ed Philips and Stop Drinking Now.

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