Alcohol Detox At Home Under Medical Supervision

Published: 20th May 2010
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Alcohol detox at home can be done, but not alone. There must be medical supervision because withdrawal symptoms are all different and unknown until they are in the process itself. Home detoxification is not configured to handle patients who are at risk of seizure or stroke. Most programs allow only low risk, relatively healthy patients to try detox at home.

All patients are monitored by medical personnel. There is always someone in the house of the patient during the detoxification process, which can last from three to seven days. Depending on the program used to detox at home, the person who stays with the recovering alcoholic can be a friend or family member with medical staff making daily visits and always available by phone. Other detox programs have medical staff staying at home.

Home detoxification is much less expensive than inpatient detoxification. Instead of paying your share of a stay in a treatment center and maintain your running operation at home, you're just be paying for your home, as always.

Each person is evaluated to determine their suitability in the home alcohol detox program before it starts. Generally, questionnaires and / or interviews. At that point the addict's suitability for home detoxification from alcohol will be determined. A detoxification plan for healthy, safe and effective detox, was prepared and discussed with the patient.

There are many products on the Internet promising virtual "detox in a box" or "all-natural detoxification at home." However, none of them are recommended by doctors. In fact, it is mainly created to help people who use drugs or alcohol passing drug testing by employers and others. If you can find these products online, do not you think that employers also can?

At home alcohol detox can also be used prior to a hospitalization or outpatient treatment program is started. When the individual reaches the treatment plant, the recovery phase can begin immediately.

During detoxification of alcohol at home, a medical professional, usually a nurse comes to your house. Usually wearing street clothes, so that your neighbors are not concerned, so you just have a visiting friend. The medical expert will have already seen the assessment, and prepared to treat according to their special needs.

The drugs are administered, vital signs checked, and the detoxification process has begun. For detoxification to be more effective, it must be followed by recovery. Much of the medical staff that guide the recovering alcoholic through the detoxification process will also begin the process of long-term recovery, at the same time.

Alcohol detoxification is the first step in the recovery process. Detoxification at home under medical supervision, can be a safe and confidential method of starting a new life of sobriety. But even at home, it is essential that the alcohol detoxification process can only be done under competent medical supervision.

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