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Published: 05th June 2009
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Alcoholics tend to think on a good day that they want to give up drinking alcohol, but the reality is that they will have to stop drinking alcohol forever. We have all heard of social drinking and social smoking and these very concepts often make the decision of giving up alcohol just that bit more appealing. The reason being is that alcohol still controls their line of thought, so you are on already heading up a slippery slope and the eventual goal of giving up alcohol is far over the horizon.

This course of action though does actually work for some alcoholics if they have had valuable advice at rehab and just the occasional drink can be achieved. But the reality of this is that Alcoholism is a disease as well as an addiction and drinking alcohol is often just a bad habit that can be controlled with self determination.

If you were to ask a real alcoholic whether they thought they were capable of just having the odd drink and they were honest, they would almost certainly say that it would be just impossible.

It takes a lot for an alcoholic to even try to have the odd drink and I have heard several stories from people who have and then regretted it later. One guy in his forties who had been dry since his teens decided to start again thinking he was ready, but only ended up getting back his previous bad habits and has not since been able to get dry.

I also heard of a female alcohol that managed to stop drinking alcohol due to her pregnancy. She was so happy with herself and she had a beautiful baby girl. Her husband brought out a bottle of champagne on her home coming to celebrate the special occasion, but from that moment on their happiness disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

Well, there are so many more sad tales of all sorts of people but all with the same beginning and the same end. It is a difficult step to take when somebody decides to stop drinking alcohol and as we have seen, there are no two ways about it, so expert help and advice should be taken at all cost.

The stop drinking advice blog is a great place to start where you will be able to get good advice from qualified experts that deal with people who have already helped other people to stop drinking alcohol as well as doing it themselves.

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