How The Effects Of Alcohol Abuse Cause A Slow And Painful Death

Published: 21st April 2010
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We have begun to see over recent years that our society has been really hard bit by an illness which has been around for years...alcoholism. As pressures grow on us and there always seems something to worry about in today's modern consumer society, this deadly disease lets rip on us.

In today's 24hr consumer society alcohol is suddenly always available so the act of escaping from your problems is made that much easier for you. The problem is that if you turn your back on a problem, it will only grow so by drinking alcohol nothing is being solved. Another negative side of alcohol is that it is a depressant, which will only make you consume more making the problem worse until the continuing cycle of events will lead to an alcoholic losing complete track of what is reality and what isn't.

An individual seeks to escape in alcohol, the problems worsen, the individual seeks more alcohol for on and so on. This is the cycle that inevitably leads to alcohol addiction. The effects of alcohol abuse on the body is disastrous as the body cannot keep up with the ever increasing levels of intoxication.

The alcohol that we choose to sort out our problems will now pass down our throat and into the stomach, and from here it is absorbed into the blood stream and will then pass into the liver. This organ is responsible for breaking alcohol into a variety of chemicals, but the effects of alcohol abuse have only just begun.

The following process leads to these chemicals being changed into water and co2, which are then excreted from the body. This may all seem a very simple process but the liver is placed under a lot of stress in order to produce these function simultaneously. So if you begin to consume large quantities of alcohol the liver is unable to cope and therefore the alcohol levels in the blood stream rise.

This article is meant to open your eyes up to the effects of alcohol abuse but there is still a lot more information that needs to be taken in if you want to find out how you can get out of this black hole.

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The Terrible Effects Of Alcohol Abuse Revealed
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