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Published: 29th May 2008
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On the whole most heavy drinkers at some stage in their life will either consider to stop drinking or just to cut down on the booze. The underlying question that they ponder on is how? To be able to tackle that question we first need to find out how life can change by cutting back or even quitting alcohol, which is exactly what we are going to do.

So what goals do we actually want to achieve by giving up alcohol is the question we need to asking ourselves, and then write down the answers so we don't forget at a later stage. These are the sort of questions that you might find asking yourself;- Would I like to improve my lifestyle? Does my family need a better relationship with me? Does my health need improving? What is it that really wants me to drink less?

A recent study carried on people who wanted to give up drinking had some very interesting results. Out of a hundred people who wanted to give up, only half had to write down their main objectives and after a 3 month period 85% of them had actually achieved their goals.

On the other hand out of the other 50 people, only 8% managed to achieve their main objectives. The deciding factor in these cases is that you really do need to know exactly what you want in order to achieve your goal, for example getting off alcohol. So the primary task is to set yourself some realistic goals and always remember that you control the drinking and not the other way around.

There certainly a lot of programs out here but one of the most successful is without a doubt, who will be able to help you cut down on drinking and even give it up for good. So many people have told me that they really do give great advice and that if their program doesn't work for you, well they will give you a refund. Most people start with the free on-line newsletter and doesn't take long to work out that you are dealing with a very serious organization.

The problem is that our body just isn't compatible with alcohol, and although we know this, we just carry on like there was no tomorrow. Let's just summarize as much as we can the effects of alcohol on us once it has entered our body. First of all it infiltrates our bloodstream, our brain, our liver, our pancreas, our kidneys, our lungs as well as every other living tissue in our body. The truth of the matter is that every drink we have is slowly killing us, so what will that do to really heavy drinkers, commonly known as "Chronic Drinkers."

Recent studies have also proved that excessive drinking will also reduce our brain size, our reactions become much slower and our memory starts to go. In further studies with MRI scanning, it has been shown that alcoholics also appear to have cognitive dysfunction. The strength of the drinks we consume is also an important factor as the stronger the alcohol content, the quicker it is absorbed into our organism.

The worst thing of all are neat spirits as they will immediately irritate the stomach lining which will actually delay its absorption. It will also have an immediate effect on our central nervous system and depresses the inhibitory centers of our brain. People drink alcohol for many reasons but all the the wrong ones, as the answer to a successful life doesn't lie in a bottle.

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