Stop Drinking Alcohol...Alcoholism Can Now Be Cured

Published: 30th March 2008
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Alcoholism can only be treated after the addiction to alcohol is dealt with. The medical profession regard alcoholism as being a disease and it is determined as being a physical or mental condition which has a negative affect on the human body. The worst of which is death, although other conditions include discomfort, dysfunction, irregular behaviour, syndromes and distress.

On the whole, as the disease's name would suggest, alcoholism will do everything possible to make the patient continue consuming alcohol. You can compare the craving to alcohol with our basic need for water, and it's so strong that not even a worsening health pattern will stop the patient from drinking. Through pure frustration, the patient will become more defiant and aggressive as the withdrawal symptoms kick in. It won't be long though before vital organ damage takes the stage and then death will follow shortly.

A cure to alcoholism is not far away as you begin to feel guilty for every time you have a drink. You won't fall any lower when you start off the day drinking and in larger quantities, just to forget about wanting to give up. This is the point when you must pick yourself up and start to get medical help to cure alcoholism.

Screening and Diagnosis: Quite often the signs of alcoholism can be confused with those of old age, for example memory loss, dyspepsia, pain and weakness. A medic will have to complete his diagnosis by performing a screen test and a short questionnaire.

Withdrawal Symptoms: An alcoholic has a daily quota of drinks like a routine, and if you deny him alcohol at any of these times, then he will suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as head aches, nausea, pains, and other such symptoms. When this is happening, it should be quite east to recognise, either by the alcoholic or somebody close.

Blood Alcohol Tests: Such tests are important for discovering what level of alcohol consumption we are dealing with at a particular point of time. This test can give some insight into how serious the problem is, but it doesn't indicate any problem that may have arisen due to long term alcohol consumption.

Testing the kidneys, liver and for reduced testosterone levels (in men) will help to determine just how deep alcohol has got into damaging our general health. Tests are also carried out on the red blood cells in seeing how much larger they have become, this being another serious symptom of alcoholism. Doctors will also test for "carbohydrate-deficient transferring" also know to be a symptom of excessive alcohol consumption.

Treatment: Alcoholics are so steadfast in their addiction that they will always deny that any health problem be related to their alcohol consumption habit. You may ask why and it's quite simple, they will put up with anything in order to carry on with their daily fix. That is why it is so important that close family and friends be so vigilant and then insist on starting a treatment program. The actual treatment depends on the individual but it will either consist of an outpatient program or a residential inpatient treatment.

Evaluating the Level of Dependence: Counselling is the ideal method to really find out the real level of alcohol dependency as the existence of alcohol craving is a real one. Once we have established this level, an alcohol reduction plan will be drawn up in order to smooth out the body's negative effects.

Intervention by Specialists: This is the time when help really begins as specialised alcohol addiction doctors establish the finer details of a specific treatment strategy. This includes counselling with various treatments such as prevention therapy, relative behaviour therapy, dealing with being paranoid and beliefs that cause psychological stress, learning how to put mind over matter, learning how to deal with traumatic experiences, behavioural modification techniques, and getting to grips with self-help manuals. Once all this is under way, then the time has come for follow-up care in a treatment center.

Residential Alcoholism Cure: Once you have admitted to yourself that alcohol has dominated your life, just cutting back may indeed have a negative effect. The first thing to do is to join a residential treatment program which touches on subjects such as curing alcoholism, individual and group therapies, abstinence, participating in alcoholism help groups, educational chats on curing alcoholism and many more.

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