Stop Drinking Alcohol...Explaining Alcoholism In Full

Published: 04th April 2008
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Should you be suffering from alcoholism, you may just trick yourself into thinking that you are just consuming alcohol. If the truth is to be known it is alcoholism that is consuming you as well as your income, your energy, your precious time and most of important of all, your health.

The exact meaning of alcoholism is when somebody deliberately consumes alcohol while knowing what the detrimental physical and social consequences are. It is medically described as a person who is unable to the control the urge to consume alcohol. Alcoholism is therefore the tendency to consume alcohol compulsively while not being able to recognise its negative effects.

There are people who have problems with alcohol consumption, but are able to suppress its characteristics and symptoms. This would be classed as alcohol abuse implying that a person heavily indulges in consuming alcohol but is able to have certain control over its use. The difference would be seen in the fact that an alcohol abuser is not completely dependent on alcohol like an alcoholic is.

This is a very serious disease as backed up by statistics produced by the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, which has estimated that in the region of 18 million Americans abuse alcohol. This is also highlighted by figures showing that over 100,000 Americans die of alcohol related health problems and that 50% of road deaths are due to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Even when it comes to the really hardened alcohol consumers, they too will refuse to admitting that they are addicts. They will drink with a certain caution and will spread out the drinks they consume in different places throughout the day. The problem is that once they start like that, it is so difficult to keep on track as they will drink larger quantities and at a faster pace.

Their memory begins to fail them as they begin to forget their social commitments and this is medically termed as 'blacking out'. Interest is lost in any pleasurable entertainment or activity as their mind begins to only focus on the next drinking occasion. Irritation is caused if they are unable to get their next dose and they will eventually fall out with the most important people in their lives. Their tolerance to high alcohol levels grows and they end up just drinking more and more in order to feel its effects.

Alcoholism or otherwise the physical dependence on alcohol is a disease that gradually takes over our body. The balance in brain chemicals like gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), is altered with the increase of alcohol intake which will help to the control the impulsiveness while glutamate will excite our nervous system. The dopamine level in the brain increases through the presence of alcohol which can lead to excitable behaviour. Continued drinking will either multiply or deplete these chemical levels causing the body to crave for more alcohol, whichever the case may be.

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