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Published: 05th June 2008
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Most heavy drinkers will come to the decision at some time in their lives that the time has come to either cut back drinking or even stopping all together. The problem that they now encounter is how on earth are they going to do it. In order to find out just how, we first need to discover just how our lives change if we actually manage to achieve our goal.

What we need to consider then are the actual questions that we should be asking ourselves on why we want to cut back on drinking and don't forget to write down the answers as you may need reminding at a later date. The sort of questions that you need to consider would be something like these;- Does my lifestyle need improving? Do I need give my family more quality time? Is my health suffering at present? What is the real route reason for wanting to take steps on cutting back.

Quite recently a study was carried out on a hundred people whose objective was to give up drinking alcohol. The interesting part about the study was that only 50 had to actually write down their objectives and out of those 50, an incredible 85% managed to go the whole 3 months without drinking.

The other 50 people on the other hand didn't have the same success as only 8% were able to survive the 3 months without drinking. It goes to show that the important factor here is the knowing of what you want to achieve so don't waste any more time and give yourself some realistic goals to achieve your main objective. Don't forget that drink doesn't control you and that you control the drink.

The are a whole range of different programs that you could try to help you give up the booze, but the one that has really stuck out to me is They really have got their act together and offer a free newsletter that makes you realize that you are about to start off on a quite bumpy road but this top organization will make sure that you don't stumble on the way. I have heard of so many success stories and these guys actually offer a complete refund if their program doesn't work for you. You've just got nothing to loose with and so much to gain.

What we really need to get clear in our heads is that alcohol is slowly poisoning our bodies, but even this awesome statement isn't enough to prevent some people from drinking. I am going to going over the bottom line here on what alcohol really does to us in an attempt to reach out to some of those people."In a nutshell", it infiltrates the bloodstream, the brain, the liver, the pancreas, the kidneys, the lungs plus every other living tissue in the body. If we have to put a label on heavy drinkers it would be "Chronic Drinkers" and I have the message is coming over loud and clear.

We can also learn from studies on alcohol that if consumed in access it can lead to our brain decreasing in size, that our reactions become a lot slower and that even our memory capacity is slowed down. Our studies reveal that alcoholism will lead to signs of cognitive dysfunction and the damming fact is that the stronger the alcohol content, the quicker it will be absorbed into our body.

At the top of the nasties list are with no doubt neat spirits as they will affect the stomach, delaying the alcohol's absorption. There are also negative effects on our central nervous system and it will even depress inhibitory centers of the brain. It goes without saying that people on the whole will end up drinking for a whole bunch of reasons, but they are obviously the wrong ones as happiness can never be found in a bottle.

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