Stop Drinking Now .. Why Do I Crave Alcohol?

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Published: 23rd May 2008
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Craving alcohol is a complicated process that involves several different factors. We are usually first introduced to alcohol at a young age (in our teens). Since no-one under the age of 21 (in the US) is allowed to purchase alcohol, it becomes "cool" and desirable for young adults under 21 to give drinking a try.

As time progresses, people may find themselves reaching for a bottle of booze to make themselves feel better or to forget whatever troubles they might be having. Some turn to alcohol to increase their level of confidence in a social situation or to try to make themselves more attractive to others. Since alcohol can mask a multitude of problems, if only temporarily, many people start to form a craving for it.

Drinking alcohol then becomes habitual, with the drinker consuming more and more on a regular basis. If the occasion calls for it or a problem should arise, you might find yourself with a drink in hand without even recalling reaching for it.

Quickly the body can adjust to the steady or ever increasing levels of alcohol when consumed on a regular basis. Your body gets used to the presence of alcohol in the blood stream and will experience withdrawal symptoms when drinking is stopped. For some these symptoms are mild, for many they can be severe.

Alcohol can be extremely dangerous to your health and wellbeing. The most familiar disease related with alcohol addiction is liver cirrhosis, in which liver cells die and the tissues harden as a result of drinking. Cirrhosis is not however the only danger to your body.

Alcohol can also lead to heart disease, stroke, dementia and brain damage, cancer (including liver cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer in women). Not to mention the addition of the perils of drinking and driving.

If you desire the occasional glass of wine or beer, just make sure you are aware of the craving and make the responsible decision to have only a glass, or skip it altogether. Don't give in to your cravings or feelings by allowing them to make that choice for you.

If it is that you believe you are addicted to alcohol and are unable to say no to your cravings, please seek professional help, the sooner the better. Alcohol dependency is very serious and the earlier you seek intervention, the easier it will be to break the addiction and take control over your alcohol cravings.

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