Stop Drinking Now...Sort Out Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome And Get Medical Help!!!

Published: 26th March 2008
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Withdrawal Symptoms: It just isn't fair that so called moderate drinkers can give up alcohol from one day to the next with virtually no will power and get away without suffering side effects. On the other hand alcoholics and heavier drinkers are virtually guaranteed a bout of mild and severe withdrawal symptoms through the result of refraining from alcohol intake. Collectively these symptoms are known as "alcohol withdrawal syndrome".

The majority of withdrawal symptoms suffered are physical and include headaches, upset stomach, feeling sick and vomiting. There are also psychological symptoms caused through alcohol withdrawal such as mood swings, nervousness, jitters and anxiety. And just to add to these, your body can also experience body temperature and heartbeat increases as well as breathing difficulties.

Medical care is available for many of the withdrawal symptoms caused by alcohol withdrawal, such as uncontrollable eyelid movements and dilation in the size of the pupils, loss of appetite, sweaty or clammy palms and skin, sleeping problems and nightmares.

Serious Symptoms: Unfortunately we are obliged to mention even more serious withdrawal symptoms although most people who manage to give up on time will avoid them. For the unlucky few mind you seizures, hallucinations and delirium tremens will have to be confronted while falling into states of anxiety, confusion and hallucinations. Let's make sure no more mistakes are made if you get to these stages and seek medical advice immediately.

It is also very important that those mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms sufferers get urgent medical attention. The reason being is that most alcoholics who begin to suffer from withdrawal symptoms will eventually get back on alcohol with the vague idea of giving up again. Unfortunately you are on the slippery slope, as each time you give up the more serious the withdrawal symptoms become. So the outright conclusion is that the sooner you get medical attention, the sooner you can quit alcohol.

I would insist on the point that medical advice be sort prior to total alcohol withdrawal and loose no time whatsoever if your health is even more complicated with heart disease, seizures, infections or lung related conditions. Should other addictions like tobacco or drugs also be an issue then time is also of the essence as the severity of the withdrawal symptoms will be a lot worse.

Professional Guidance: A medical practitioner will not only help the easing of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms, he will also help to treat any additional health problem that needs dealing with. On the whole most doctors qualified in dealing with alcohol detoxification can also assist in providing emotional support and psychological counselling, a must for any patient during the early stages.

I would suggest that you look for a specialist in the yellow pages or by telephoning the local branch of Alcoholics Anonymous in order to get the right medical help in dealing with alcohol withdrawal syndrome. When you feel you have got through all the symptoms then pick up the phone again and join a self-help organisation such as Alcoholics Anonymous to avoid getting back on alcohol.

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