Stop Drinking Tips for Alcoholics

Published: 23rd April 2009
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Alcoholics tend to think on a good day that they want to give up drinking alcohol, but the reality is that they will have to stop drinking alcohol forever. We have all heard of social drinking and social smoking and these very concepts often make the decision of giving up alcohol just that bit more appealing. The reason being is that alcohol still controls their line of thought, so you are on already heading up a slippery slope and the eventual goal of giving up alcohol is far over the horizon.

This course of action though does actually work for some alcoholics if they have had valuable advice at rehab and just the occasional drink can be achieved. But the reality of this is that Alcoholism is a disease as well as an addiction and drinking alcohol is often just a bad habit that can be controlled with self determination.

If you were to ask a real alcoholic whether they thought they were capable of just having the odd drink and they were honest, they would almost certainly say that it would be just impossible.

A true alcoholic who believes that just one more drink won't make any difference will fall flat on their face at the first hurdle, exactly what happened to a friend of mine. Unfortunately he is still an alcoholic and still regrets having taken that fatal drink. It has served me in realising at first hand that this myth really doesn't help in any way at all, and that an alcoholic will always have to say no to alcohol.

Many women alcoholics do manage to stop drinking while pregnant as fortunately good sense does take over in certain circumstances, but the e problem always arises when the baby is born and the mother is left in the same predicament as before, but now with responsibility and stress. The bottle soon calls, but this time there is more then one victim and alcohol will certainly show it's true face, which is to ruin peoples lives.

These stories can be heard on every street corner, as alcoholism stretches all over the planet as the result of being the perfect tax generator for our greedy governments. If you need help as an alcoholic, don't go to them for help as they are only interested in your money. What you need is independent advice from people who have managed to overcome the disease of alcoholism and whose only wish now is to help other people who need support to stop drinking alcohol.

On the stop drinking advice blog you will get first hand advice from qualified alcoholism experts who will show you just how easy it can be to wipe out alcohol from your daily life, and you will get the support that has helped literally thousands of people to quit drinking.

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